New Detective Grimoire Game to Play – Secret of the Swamp

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Detective Grimoire 2 - New Mystery Detective Game App for Android, iPad and iPhoneOne of our fave grumpy fictional detectives has a new case to solve! The long-awaited Detective Grimoire 2 has just been released. The Secret of the Swamp from SFB Games and Armor Games Inc.

In this sequel you will find that the characteristic quirky cartoon-style animation and funny dialogue. Just like the first Detective Grimoire game. See previous post Detective Grimoire 1. #2 in our top free online detective games list.

The star of the story, Detective Grimoire is still as scruffy and as unassuming as ever. This time his new case takes him to an unlikely tourist attraction of the swamps. Where he must investigate the mysterious death of a tourist.

Update: Now also on Kindle Fire. All links included below.

All evidence points to the local mythical creature of this tourist destination, Boggy! It is up to Detective Grimoire again to help get to the bottom of this puzzling mystery. And find out if this creature even exists. And if it is indeed the culprit!

Detective Grimoire - Screenshot from iPhone App

Detective Grimoire – Screenshot from iPhone App

This point-and-click adventure game app has you exploring the swamp for clues. And questioning witnesses and suspects. Including some very strange characters! In an attempt to eliminate them from your enquiries. With similar gameplay to the first online Grimoire game.

Detective Grimoire - A Quirky New Detective Game App for 2014

Detective Grimoire – A Quirky New Detective Game App for 2014

This cool detective mystery game is available for download on computer. For PC, Mac and Linux. As well as on phones and tablets. For Kindle, Android and iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

Screenshot from the iPhone Game App - Detective Grimoire 2

Puzzle Screenshot from the iPhone Game App – Detective Grimoire 2

A quirky new mystery detective game that has funny dialog. A weird and mysterious story. And good solid detective game play.

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  1. sev
    March 21, 2014

    Cool detective game app!

  2. cece
    March 26, 2014

    yeah this sequel is just as good as the first game!

  3. Stephanie
    March 27, 2014

    i love this detective game!

  4. limey
    March 29, 2014

    Like the new Detective Grimoire mystery

  5. manie
    April 7, 2014

    This post truly made my day. Thanks!