Rusty Lake Game Series List Order

Rusty Lake Series Listed in Play OrderIf you are looking for challenging puzzle-solving games for adults.
Then you might like the Rusty Lake games series.

A free full stand-alone escape game series.
Interspersed with premium spin-off chapters.
Including a new release, last month.

Available to play on mobile or free online.

For details of the games. listed in play order.
And for more new mystery-solving games. See my posts linked below.

From: Rusty Lake.
Genres: Mystery Adventure, Puzzle, Point-and-Click, Surreal, Escape Games.

This escape the room, mystery series, currently includes 12 chapters. With 9 free full stand-alone escape games. And 3 premium spin-offs.

See my blog post: Rusty Lake Game Series List in Play Order. For all of the chapters in this surreal mystery adventure series. All involving puzzle and point-and-click game play. Listed in play order.

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