Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Sept’ 2018 Update

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery Sept' 2018 UpdatePopular hidden object game, Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery from MyTona.

Recently updated with new content, event content and other cool new features.

Available to play on mobile, including Amazon Fire.

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Title: Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery.
From: MyTona.
Genres: Hidden Object, Puzzle, Mystery, Detective.
Released: December 2015.
Updated: September 2018.

Seekers Notes: Hidden Mystery

Plot: Start an incredible journey into the cursed city of Darkwood! The dark streets are in no hurry to reveal their secrets. But you are the Seeker, the chosen one, possessor of a powerful artifact—the Magical Map, and the role of savior has fallen to you! Waste no time, enter into battle against the Curse! [Source: Amazon]

September 2018 Update

  • Over 100 new quests await you.
  • Legend of the Alchemist event.
  • Laboratory location.
  • Enigmatic event creatures.
  • New event rewards.
  • Black Pearls, Sketches of Fantasy, and Lost Symphony events.
  • Added character emotions.
  • Improved animation.

For more details, visit: US Amazon or UK Amazon.

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