Top New Crime-Solving Game on iOS – Her Story

A Unique New Detective Game App

Top New Crime-Solving Game for iPad and iPhone - Her StoryTop new iOS detective game. Her Story, is a unique crime-solving game app.
New out for iPad and iPhone.
This has an interesting way to play.
And has a more true to life feel.
When compared to other iOS detective game apps.
Unlike the hidden object. Or point-and-click mystery apps.
This uses real video footage to drive the story.
With video clips of police interviews. The case of a missing husband is revealed. This detective game uses interactive gameplay. Your choices affect how the story is played out to you. This means that how you get to see this story. Will depend on how many clues you find. And the order you find them in!

Top New Crime-Solving Game App

Title: Her Story.
By: Sam Barlow.
iOS release date: June 24 2015.
Genre/themes: Detective, Crime-Solving, Mystery, Puzzle.
Current iOS price: $4.99.
Current iOS rating: 4 out of 5 from 54 player reviews.

Top New iOS Detective Game - June 2015 - Her Story

Top New iOS Detective Game – June 2015 – Her Story

Description: Her Story is a fresh take on the police procedural from Sam Barlow. Creator of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle. Playing like an interactive true crime documentary. The game lets you go hands on with a police database. Full of live action video footage. [Source: iTunes]

Top New iOS Detective Game - June 2015 - Her Story - Screenshot

Top New iOS Detective Game – June 2015 – Her Story – Screenshot

Her Story – Gameplay

Video statements from a 10 year-old missing persons case, given by his wife. Have become jumbled up in the police database. It’s up to you to sort through these video statements. And uncover the full story of the case.

Watching the video clips, as they become available. You’ll need to be on the look out for clues. Use them as keywords to search the database. To find more video clips. If you choose the right keywords you’ll uncover more clips.

As the order in which you get to watch these videos is dependant on the order you find the clues. You will need to remember what you have uncovered so far. You might want to write them down. As there’s alot to sift through!

And when you’ve gathered as many clues as you can. Use them to determine the truth behind ‘Her Story’.

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