Top 10 Best Nancy Drew Games for PC – Number 7

#7 in Our 10 Best Nancy Drew Games List!

Top 10 Best Nancy Drew Full PC Games - 7

Top 10 Best Nancy Drew PC Games – 7

Number 7 in our top 10 list of the popular Nancy Drew mystery games series. Is Curse of Blackmoor Manor. The 11th installment from Her Interactive.
Another of the earlier Nancy games in our top 10 list.
This cool point-and-click mystery adventure game is available for PC. With a full version download online. Link included below.

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Top 10 Best Nancy Drew Games List – #7

Title: Nancy Drew 11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor.
By: Her Interactive.
Released: October 2004.
Genre/themes: Point-and-Click, Murder Mystery, Adventure, Detective, Teen, Role playing, Crime-Solving, Medieval, Investigation.
Loosely based on the Top Nancy Drew book #77 The Bluebeard Room.

Plot: All is not well in Blackmoor Manor, a Fourteenth Century English mansion haunted by a tragic past. You, as Nancy Drew, embark on your first international adventure to visit Linda Penvellyn, your neighbor’s daughter and newlywed wife of a British diplomat. A mysterious malady keeps Linda hidden behind thick bed curtains. Is she hiding from something or someone, or is a more menacing threat stalking her? Face your fears to find the truth! Dare to Play. [Source: Amazon]

Nancy Drew 11: Curse of Blackmoor Manor Review

A 14th century English estate is the perfect setting for a mystery adventure! And in this Nancy Drew game, HerInteractive have made good use of the location.
Not only in creating the right atmosphere for an immersive adventure.
But also in the depiction of the characters, that you’d expect to find here.
And with plenty of relevant clues and puzzles to solve and find.
All of these elements are in-keeping with the themes of this mystery.
Which all adds up to a challenging and satisfying experience.
And gameplay that fans of crime-solving and investigation games will appreciate.

To get a feel for the game. Check out this official Curse of Blackmoor Manor YouTube trailer:

Buy Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor Game

Nancy Drew Curse of Blackmoor Manor is available on:

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