Top 10 Nancy Drew Games List for PC – Number 6

Our Favorite Nancy Drew Games – #6

Top 10 Nancy Drew Games List for PC - Number 6

Top 10 Nancy Drew Games List for PC – Number 6

Continuing our favorite Nancy Drew games list.
This post is about our 6th top pick.
From the brilliant mystery adventure game series.
From Her Interactive.
Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake is the 7th part in the series.
With a thrilling mystery story.
This game is based on two Nancy Drew books.
Available online for PC. Details of where to download it online is also included below.
Which are your favorite Nancy Drew games? Leave a comment and let us know!

Top 10 Best Nancy Drew Games List – #6

Title: Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake.
By: Her Interactive.
Released: November 2002.
Genre/themes: Point-and-Click, First Person, Mystery, Adventure, Detective, Teen, Role playing, Crime-Solving, Investigation, Female Protagonist.
Loosely based on the Top Nancy Drew book #167 Mystery by Moonlight.

Plot: As Nancy Drew, track the history of Mike Malone, a notorious gangster who once lived in a lakeside cabin. Trail a mysterious pack of dogs rumored to have risen from the dead to protect their master’s secrets. Decipher cryptic puzzles and dodge danger in this immersive Adventure mystery. You’ll meet a variety of fascinating characters, all with something to hide. Can you unravel the secrets and expose the truth in Nancy Drew: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake? [Source: Amazon]

Nancy Drew 07: Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake Review

In this episode, Nancy is called in to help a family friend.
Sally MacDougal has a ghostly problem!
Namely, that she is being haunted by 4 ‘Ghost Dogs’.
Fearing for her safety Sally has left her newly purchased residence.
And has left you/Nancy to put your sleuthing skills to work.
Find out the truth behind these mysterious occurences!

This adventure has plenty to keep you entertained.
From the eerie atmosphere evoked by the appearance of these ghostly canines.
To the locations you will need to investigate for clues.
These include Sally’s cabin. Which has holds interesting secrets.
Plus the locals. Who range from hostile to overly friendly! You’ll have to deduce just who you can trust or believe.
As you explore, you will get to learn the history of the place. Including intriguing details of the legendary gangster. The previous owner of the cabin. And the myths he has left behind!

This is an enjoyable and spooky adventure. With some good puzzles. That are not too tricky.
This would be a good first Nancy Drew game to play. If you haven’t tried Nancy Drew games before. As it is well-balanced in story, atmosphere and game play. Especially good for teen sleuths!

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