Noir Escape – a PI Themed Escape Game

A Short But Nice Old Skool Online Detective Game

Noir Escape a free online detective game For a free detective game to play online when you have 10 minutes to spare, try Noir Escape. This game has the look and feel of the classic Film-Noir style, where you are the hard-boiled PI. The game begins with you coming round to consciousness on the floor, having been knocked out cold by a blunt instrument! Last memory you have is that you where visiting a fellow private eye before you’re knocked out. You now find yourself alone, locked in his office. Use the clues and objects around the locked room to escape.

In gameplay it is a point-and-click adventure game, just like the usual escape games. You must first find useful items. Then use them in conjunction with other found items. You then need to work out how to use those objects to solve the main puzzle thus enabling you to escape the office.

Noir Escape Game Screenshot

Noir Escape Game Screenshot of the Office

Created by Tomislav Podhraski, Noir Escape is a nice little game. It pays homage to the old skool black and white private detective movies. The look of the game is very stylish and the music matches the theme to create the right atmosphere. And the game play is nice too. However, this game is short as it is just one room that you need figure out how to escape!

But as a time filler it is a cool game to play if you like ‘escape the room’ games and like the film noir detective style.

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