Play Detective Games Online Free Top 10 #1 Arcane Stone Circle Mystery

Top Detective Games to Play Online Free #1

Top 10 best free mystery detective games to play onlineThere are some fun mystery detective games to play online for free in full with no download required. And first in our top 10 series of the best online mystery detective games to play is Arcane Stone Circle Mysteries from WarnerBros.

The Arcane Stone Circle Mysteries is an online point-and-click mystery game that not only draws you into a world of the supernatural with psychics, witchcraft, alien cults and strange evil characters but goes beyond into parallel universes! Made up of 8 thrilling episodes, the Arcane game series has you helping the 3 main characters find clues, solve puzzles and riddles as the investigators try to explain the strange and seemingly supernatural occurrences that they come up against in each episode.

Arcane Stone Circle Mysteries – Characters
Included in the online game is background information on the characters and the mythological origins of the mysterious parallel universe. The 3 main investigators in the game are:

  • Prescott Bridgman – a sceptic of the supernatural, whose speciality is his use of scientific and technical tools.
  • Dr MacDermoth – anthropologist and world renowned specialist in ancient Egypt and American tribes. His speciality is in forgotten languages.
  • Ophelia MacDermoth – strong willed concert violinist. Her speciality is gathering clues using her psychic powers.

To play this detective mystery, choose to play as one of these main characters in turn. As each of these Arcane characters have their own special ability and expertise. You will need to master them all to win the game!

How to play this free online mystery detective game

  1. Explore each area and location and search for clues that will help you solve the mystery.
  2. Scan the game screen with your cursor and with the aid of audio and visual hints you will be able to search for more clues, locations and items to collect in your inventory.
  3. Click the screen to move the character in the chosen direction.
  4. Use the objects whenever necessary to help you move through the investigation.
  5. Use the instructions in-game if you get stuck.

To play this free online game, visit: Arcane Stone Circle Mysteries at WarnerBros.

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