10 Ways to Play Sherlock Games Online Free

Play Sherlock Games for Free

Play Sherlock Holmes Games Online Free no Download - Top 10 Sites If you are looking for free Sherlock Holmes games that you can play online. Then checkout this list of my top 10 sites to play Sherlock detective games online.
Sherlock is the most famous of all the fictional crime solving characters, all over the world! And now you can play all sorts of Sherlock games – online, on PC, on your mobile and on consoles. These 10 top site let you play as Holmes or Watson for free. Without any downloading or registration required. You just get to play mystery games right in your browser. This list includes strategy, point-and-click mystery games, hidden objects and image search games to test and flex your sleuthing muscles!

Top 10 Sites to Play Sherlock Holmes Games Online Free

Free Sherlock Holmes Games Online - Sherlock Holmes Secret1. Sherlock Holmes Secret

Use your puzzle solving and detective skills in this escape-the-room strategy game, just like Sherlock Holmes.



Free Sherlock Holmes Games Online - Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape2. Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape

Another cool site with a free Sherlock Holmes game to play online right in your browser.

Fascinating stories of Sherlock Holmes allure you to enter into the Sherlock Holmes museum at 221b Baker Street.

But you get trapped in the museum! Play: Sherlock Holmes Museum Escape at online game zone.

Free Sherlock Holmes Games Online - Sherlock Holmes Escape3. Sherlock Holmes Escape

All the clues are here. Nonetheless, you appear to be trapped. Trapped, desperate and worried. Can you assemble the bits and pieces to fashion your escape? Or will the worlds greatest detective defeat you once again? Play: Sherlock on Addicting Games.


4. Sherlock Holmes Games on Pogo.com.
Beautifully drawn hidden object scenes based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s classic stories. With 12 items to find in each hidden objects level. Play Sherlock Holmes games on Pogo.com.

Free Sherlock Holmes Games Online - The Case of the Silver Earring5. The Case of the Silver Earring
Look at each ‘before’ and ‘after’ picture of a crime scene and spot the clues in the ‘after’ picture. With 5 clues in each you have just 90 seconds to solve the puzzle of each crime scenes, so be quick! Wrong guesses loses you 5 seconds!

6. Sherlock Holmes – Part 1
Discover what happened to Dr. Carstairs, who has disappeared after examining the mummy of Anan-thotep? This spot the difference game has you finding the 11 clues/differences within a time limit of just 5 minutes. A fun point-and-click mystery game. Just click the magnifying glass to get a closer look and the pipe for hints. Play: www.games.co.uk/game/Sherlock-01.html.

7. Part II of The Curse of Anan-Thotep
Part II of The Curse of Anan-Thotep. Search the location to find the items listed on the left. Click on those items when you find them in the scene.

8. Part 3 of The Curse of Anan-Thotep
This office is riddled with clues; can you help Sherlock piece together the mystery of Dr. Carstairs? www.agame.com/game/sherlock-03.html.

9. Part IV of The Curse of Anan-Thotep
Within the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. Dr. Laurence Carstairs was discovered insane with fear and repeating the word “Anan— Thotep.” Play: Sherlock Holmes part 4 at Games Loon.

10. Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
You can also play the Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes on: Shockwave.com – Sherlock Holmes Games.

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