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Top detective games reviews and news blogThis blog is written by and for fans of the mystery and detective genre especially for those of you who love to play mystery detective games and are looking for more top games to play. Whether you are looking for new releases, news of upcoming games or want recommendations for the all-time best mystery detective games to play.

In this blog you will find reviews, previews and news of all the best mystery detective games that you can play on all different platforms from playing them on your computer with PC and Mac downloadable games, to playing them online with no download required or the best game apps to get for your smartphones and tablets including apps for Android including Kindle, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Windows mobile devices.

What makes a good mystery detective game?
In the true tradition of best-selling crime fiction the best detective games should have a thrilling storyline, engaging you in its plot, with red herrings, twists and turns as well as getting you to connect with its characters. This is what you would expect as a fan of crime fiction and it should be no different if not better in a detective game because you can interact with the story as well.

As much as a great page turning detective story has you gripped from the outset, so too a top mystery game should draw you into the game, challenge you with its gameplay, have you engaging with its characters and throwing in plenty of surprises too. There are so many detective games to play nowadays, but for fans of the genre these factors are a test of a great detective game.

Some of the most popular detective games to play on computer feature crime fiction’s best known fictional sleuths such as Nancy Drew, Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot. And we will be reviewing our favourite ones here on this blog.

See: Agatha Christie Computer Games Online for PC & Mac. Which includes a full list of the Agatha Christie computer games. Available to buy online. Based on the most popular Christie books. And her famous sleuths: Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Such as the classic point-and-click Murder on the Orient Express PC game. This list has details of each Agatha Christie game. And links to either the full version download online. Or where to get CD and DVD versions of them.

Top 10 Best Detective Games to Play Online free
In the next few posts, we’ll be writing a top 10 series reviewing our favourite mystery detective games that you can play online for free in full. No downloading or registration required. Even though these top games are played online and so are not as large or in-depth as the downloadable mystery games you can get online, they are still an excellent way to fulfil your craving for playing detective!

These top 10 free to play online game reviews will include games that have engaging storylines, challenging gameplay, cool sound effects and awesome visuals. Basically great games will both draw you into the game AND the story.

So don’t forget to join us on our Facebook page to get the next post which will be about our #1 pick for the top detective games to play online for free.


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