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Agatha Christie Hidden Object Games – Death on the Nile

Agatha Christie Hidden Object Games - Death on the Nile ReviewThere are currently 4 hidden object games.
Based on Agatha Christie’s classic detective stories.

The first of these, Death on the Nile.
Includes hidden object, puzzle and mini games.
Set on board a luxury steamboat on the River Nile.
Play as Hercule Poirot to solve the baffling murder mystery.
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Mystery Game Apps News March 7 2015

This Week’s Mystery & Detective Game App News

Top New Detective Game Apps Updates this Week - the Last Express

Top New Detective Game Apps Releases & Updates this Week

Top new mystery detective games releases and game app updates.
With a round-up of the latest news from the past week or so.
For all mobile platforms – Android, Kindle Fire, iPhone and iPad.

In particular, you should check out the 2 top classic detective game updates detailed below.
One on iTunes for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And one for Kindle Fire and Android on Google Play and Amazon.
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7 Top Agatha Christie Mystery Games to Play on your Computer

A roundup of the Poirot and Marple PC games available online

Agatha Christie Computer Games Online for PC - Poirot Murder on the Orient Express

Agatha Christie Computer Games Online for PC & Mac

This post is just a quick list of all the Agatha Christie games. For PC available to buy online. I hope to write full reviews for each game in due course. But for now I’ve just listed them. In order of my preference with the ones I liked best first. However all of these games have been great fun to play. Especially as a fan of Agatha Christie’s novels. And of mystery detective games!

The list includes mainly Hercule Poirot games, with one Miss Marple game. They are either hidden object games. Or point-and-click adventure mystery games. All of them are available for PC.
For mobile games, check out our previous post. For details of Agatha Christie mobile game apps. For iOS, Kindle and Android tablets.
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Play Agatha Christie Games on your Mobile – Dead Man’s Folly

First Hercule Poirot Game App for Tablets

Play Agatha Christie Poirot Detective Games Mobile - Dead Mans Folly
Dead Man’s Folly is the first mobile game. To be based on Agatha Christie’s stories.
And was initially made for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets.
It features Christie’s most famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot.
Dead Man’s Folly is the first of 4 titles planned for adaptation. For the mobile platforms. By game developers Hullabu, Inc.
This is a beautiful hidden object murder mystery game. Which has been adapted from the original computer game. For more details of Agatha Christie games. For PC and Mac, see our next post.
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New Mystery Detective Game App for Android and iPad

Mystery Detective Mobile Games out in 2014

New Android iPad Detective Game App 2014 If you are looking for a unique new mystery detective game app for Android and iPad. Then you might like to checkout Murder Mystery Brainteasers. By WA Verhoef, released March 2014.

This is a Cluedo style mystery detective game to play on your tablets. For iPad or Android. And includes over 160 cases to solve!
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Top Mystery Games with Hercule Poirot

Top Poirot detective games to play on PC

Top Detective Mystery Hidden Object Games on AmazonThese 3 top detective HO games are our favourite hidden object mystery PC games featuring Hercule Poirot. Agatha Christie’s famous Belgian detective.

With the last episode of itv’s Poirot series being shown last Wednesday, we’ve been thinking about our favourite fictional sleuth Poirot and the games we’ve played based on the novels of queen of crime Agatha Christie. Not only do these games make the most of the great original plots. But they also add a whole new level of enjoyment and interactive element to these classic detective stories.
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Top Mystery Detective Games Blog with Reviews and Previews

Hello and welcome to

Top detective games reviews and news blogThis blog is written by and for fans of the mystery and detective genre especially for those of you who love to play mystery detective games and are looking for more top games to play. Whether you are looking for new releases, news of upcoming games or want recommendations for the all-time best mystery detective games to play.

In this blog you will find reviews, previews and news of all the best mystery detective games that you can play on all different platforms from playing them on your computer with PC and Mac downloadable games, to playing them online with no download required or the best game apps to get for your smartphones and tablets including apps for Android including Kindle, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and Windows mobile devices.
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