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10 Best Amazon Fire HOPA Games 2017

10 Best Amazon Fire Hidden Object Games of 2017Round-up of the ten best Amazon Fire hidden object games of 2017.
Including the top-rated games.

With mystery-solving.
And detective storylines.

All with hidden object game play.
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Complete Nancy Drew Games List in Order

Complete Nancy Drew Games List in Order for PC Mac iOS WiiAt last, I have completed my Nancy Drew series lists!
Which includes ALL of the Nancy Drew mystery adventure games.
Listed in order of release date.
From Her Interactive.
Mainly PC and Mac, on disc or for download.
But with a few chapters, also on iPad, iPhone and Wii.
These are the perfect puzzle-solving games for kids and adults alike!

See my posts linked below. For the full series. Read more..

New Police Games on Nintendo, PC, PS4, Xbox One

New Police Games for PS4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch

This is a round-up of the best new police games for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One. Including updated police games and new releases. For more top police games to check out. See also my list of posts included below.
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Top 10 Mystery Adventure Games for Mac (2017)

Top 10 Mystery Adventure Games for Mac 2017 List

Top 10 Mystery Adventure Games for Mac 2017 List

Just posted my top 10 picks.
From the new mystery adventure games.
Released on iTunes for Mac.
From January to March 2017.

Ten top-rated Mac adventure games.
Involving point & click and strategy.
Puzzle and simulation.
Or story-driven game play.
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Number 1 Nancy Drew Game – Top 10 List

#1 Nancy Drew Game Review

Top 10 Nancy Drew Games #1 Phantom of Venice Full Version for PCRounding off our top 10 Nancy Drew games list.
This is a review of our number 1 choice.
From our list of favorite Nancy Drew games.

Don’t forget to let us know which are your favorite games from the Nancy Drew series.

Leave us a comment below with your top picks!
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Top 10 Nancy Drew Games List for PC – Number 2

Top 10 Nancy Drew Games List – #2

Best Nancy Drew Games #2 Danger on Deception Island Full Version for PCThe second place in our top Nancy Drew games list.
Is the ninth game from Her Interactive.
In their point-and-click mystery series.
Inspired by the popular Nancy Drew books.

After being invited on a whale-watching excursion. Nancy finds her vacation runs aground. And she is plunged into a new mystery case!

This Nancy Drew game is available for PC. With full version download available online. Details of the game are included below. As well as a link to where you can get the game online.

What are your favorite Nancy Drew games? Leave us a comment with your top choices.
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Top 10 New iOS Detective Games for iPad & iPhone

Best of 2015 so far!

Top 10 New iOS Detective Games 10Our top 10 new iOS detective games list.
Is our picks of the best mystery game apps out in 2015 so far!
And includes mystery and detective apps.
With hidden object games. Or point-n-click gameplay.
All available from the iTunes Appstore. For iPad & iPhone.

If you are looking for computer games. Don’t forget to check out our previous post. With the top 10 new detective games. To download for PC and Mac.

What have been your favorite mystery iOS games? Let us know and leave us a comment below.
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