Rusty Lake Series Listed in Play OrderIf you are looking for challenging puzzle-solving games for adults.
Then you might like the Rusty Lake games series.

Available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.
As a free full stand-alone escape game series.
Interspersed with premium spin-off chapters.
Including a new release, last month.

For details of the games. listed in play order.
And for more new mystery-solving games. See my posts linked below. Read more..

New Police Games for PS4, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch

This is a round-up of the best new police games for Nintendo Switch, PS4, PC and Xbox One. Including updated police games and new releases. For more top police games to check out. See also my list of posts included below.
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Top 10 Mystery Adventure Games for Mac 2017 List

Top 10 Mystery Adventure Games for Mac 2017 List

Just posted my top 10 picks.
From the new mystery adventure games.
Released on iTunes for Mac.
From January to March 2017.

Ten top-rated Mac adventure games.
Involving point & click and strategy.
Puzzle and simulation.
Or story-driven game play.
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Adam-Wolfe-Review-Episodes-1-to-4A cool new crime-solving game app.
From Mad Head Games.
For PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.
Featuring supernatural detective, Adam Wolfe.

This is a unique detective game.
Not just the usual hidden objects type game.
But ramped up with action point-and-click gameplay!
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Agatha Christie Hidden Object Games - Death on the Nile ReviewThere are currently 4 hidden object games.
Based on Agatha Christie’s classic detective stories.

The first of these, Death on the Nile.
Includes hidden object, puzzle and mini games.
Set on board a luxury steamboat on the River Nile.
Play as Hercule Poirot to solve the baffling murder mystery.
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Castle Detective Game & other TV Crime Show Games

Castle Detective Game & other TV Crime Show Games

If you are missing the Castle TV show.
After it’s last ever show a few weeks ago!

Then check out this cool detective game.

Based on this popular TV show.

Available for computer – PC and Mac.

And for mobiles – for iPad and iPhone.
And for Android and Kindle!
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New York Mysteries 2 Detective Game now Free on Kindle Fire

New York Mysteries 2 Detective Game now Free on Kindle Fire

You can now get New York Mysteries 2.
For free in full for Kindle Fire!
From the Underground Apps Store.

This is the brilliant sequel.
In Five-BN’s 1950’s murder mystery detective game series.
A crime-solving game, with hidden objects.
And interesting puzzles.

If you’d like a full New York Mysteries series list.
With all the games in the series so far! Don’t forget to check out the link below.
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