Top New Criminal Biography March 2021

Americas Original Gangster CoupleTiger Girl and the Candy Kid: America’s Original Gangster Couple, a top new true crime book by Glenn Stout.

“A thrilling Jazz Age chronicle of America’s first gangster couple, Margaret and Richard Whittemore”.

Release due end of March 2021, from online bookstores including Amazon and Bookshop UK.

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Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid

Author: Glenn Stout | Book category: Criminal Biographies, True Crime | Published: 30 March 2021.

Plot: Before Bonnie and Clyde there was Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid – smarter, more successful and better looking. In the wake of war, a pandemic, and an economic depression, Margaret and Richard Whittemore, two love-struck working-class kids from Baltimore reached for the dream of a better life. In the heart of the Jazz Age, they headed up a gang that in less than a year stole over one million dollars’ worth of diamonds and precious gems – over fifteen million dollars today. [Source: UK]

Tiger Girl and the Candy Kid available from: Bookshop UK.

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