The Sinking City by Frogwares

The-Sinking-City-for-PS4-Xbox-One-Nintendo-SwitchThe Sinking City, a new interactive horror detective game by Frogwares.

Creators of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes video game series.

Currently available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

And due out on Nintendo Switch.

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New Interactive Detective RPG

Game Title: The Sinking City.
From: Frogwares.
Genres: Adventure, Action, Horror, Interactive, Detective, Thriller, Noir, Lovecraftian, Atmospheric.
Released: June 2019.
Nintendo Switch release: Due out Q3 2019.

The Sinking City

Plot: Half-submerged, Oakmont is in the grips of supernatural forces. As a detective, you have to uncover the truth behind the madness that is possessing the city… and the minds of its inhabitants. [Source: Amazon]

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