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Free Crime Scene Brain-Teaser Online Game

Crime Line - A Novel Murder Free Online Crime Solving GameCrime Line: A Novel Murder is a unique detective game. Rather than the usual hidden object mystery games or point and click adventure this is a story-led CSI style brain-teaser.

The gameplay involves you collecting evidence from the crime scene and presenting the items to the witnesses. With the information they give you, you can build up their version of events. Once you have their completed statements you can cross examine them with other statements to work out conflicting stories and work out who is telling the truth and who is lying.

This is a free web-browser game that you can play online no download needed.

You’re given a crime scene that has already been tagged with yellow markers that indicate a possible piece of evidence to the crime.

You then have to collect clues and ask the witnesses about different items so that they can tell you their version of the events around the time of the murder.

Crime Line A Novel Murder Screenshot - Collect the Evidence

Collect Evidence from the Crime Scene

When you have successfully collected all the completed statements, you will then be able to read through them in their entirety. Only then will you be able to cross check the witnesses’ stories to find the conflicting versions and possible lies within the witnesses’ stories and so find out who is hiding something. You’ll also need to work out the events leading up to the crime, whose version is corroborated by another’s statement (and whose isn’t) and also the motive.

Crime Line A Novel Murder Screenshot - Collect Witness Statements

Crime Line A Novel Murder – Collect Witness Statements

The gameplay is driven by what the witnesses have to say about the evidence found at the crime scene and it is from their statements that you will be able to work out who is the most likely suspect. This is cool as it is not as easy as some detective games, this one challenges you to think a bit.

Once you have deduced who the suspect is, make your selection – if you are right you will see the whole crime reconstructed including the lead up to the murder – without too much gory detail of course!

Crime Line Games

Publisher/Developer: Golden Bough Games.
Released: May 2013.
Format: online or PC download.
Rated: Mature.

Crime Line Free Online Game

A Novel Murder is a challenging and intriguing detective game to play online. And I liked the unique crime scene story-led gameplay. Just like real life detective work it’s the evidence and witness statements that help to solve a crime!

Crime Line PC Game

Crime Line – A Novel Murder is just one of 12 chapters available in the Crime Line PC download game. You can solve the 12 cases in whichever order you wish, just remember the more efficiently you solve each crime the better your detective ranking will be. So this game challenges you to only point to the suspect after careful analysis of the evidence and not just point at each witness until you get the right one – i.e. if you just guess at who did the crime you won’t get promoted!

This detective game with it’s simple style was enjoyable, engaging and challenging. And so I’ve included this game in our top 10 free mystery detective online games list. Have a go and let us know what you think of it by leaving a comment below.

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    June 4, 2014

    hello thx for the post. i enjoyed playing this game!

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    June 11, 2014

    I just played this online game it was good fun thank u!