Play Agatha Christie Games on your Mobile – Dead Man’s Folly

First Hercule Poirot Game App for Tablets

Play Agatha Christie Poirot Detective Games Mobile - Dead Mans Folly
Dead Man’s Folly is the first mobile game. To be based on Agatha Christie’s stories.
And was initially made for iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets.
It features Christie’s most famous sleuth, Hercule Poirot.
Dead Man’s Folly is the first of 4 titles planned for adaptation. For the mobile platforms. By game developers Hullabu, Inc.
This is a beautiful hidden object murder mystery game. Which has been adapted from the original computer game. For more details of Agatha Christie games. For PC and Mac, see our next post.

Next year is the 125th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth. And her popularity is as strong as ever; with her stories continue to winning over new fans worldwide. From TV, film, stage and radio to video games consoles, online and PC/Mac games, this mobile game version of the Dead Man’s Folly novel is another of the multi-media platforms that fans can enjoy her work. Proof that she is still after all this time, one of the best crime writers ever!

Agatha Christie’s Dead Man’s Folly Tablet Game App with Hercule Poirot

Agatha Christie Murder Mystery Game App

Agatha Christie Mystery Game App – Hidden Object Scene

Game Title: Dead Man’s Folly.
Genre: Murder Mystery, Detective, Crime Solving, Hidden Object, Puzzle.
Released: March 2014.
Game Developer/Seller: Hullabu, Inc.
Languages: English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish.
Kindle Fire requirements: Minimum Operating System: Android 1.5.
Includes: 48 levels over 11 cliff-hanging chapters!

Agatha Christie Detective Game - Poirot - Kindle Fire, Android, iPad

Agatha Christie Detective Game – Puzzle Screenshot

Gameplay: you’ll uncover clue cards, explore evidence rooms, and tackle stimulating mini-games, all of which are designed to add to the fun, excitement and adventure as you inch closer and closer to uncovering a deadly and devious scheme!

Agatha Christie Poirot Dead Mans Folly Game - Screenshot

Agatha Christie Poirot Dead Mans Folly Game – Screenshot

This Poirot game app is the first to be released. With 2 more due out from Hullabu – Death on the Nile and Peril at End House. There is also a Miss Marple title – 4:50 from Paddington planned for release.

Update: This Agatha Christie game app is NO longer on Android, Amazon UK and iTunes Appstores. But it is still available on Amazon’s US Kindle Fire app store. Along with the Miss Marple HOPA, 4:50 from Paddington.

Don’t worry though, if you don’t have a Kindle Fire. And want to play Agatha Christie games. See our post: Agatha Christie Computer Games Online for PC & Mac. Which has a complete list of the Agatha Christie games. Based on her most popular books. Featuring her famous sleuths: Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Such as the classic point-and-click Murder on the Orient Express PC game. This list details each Agatha Christie PC/Mac game. And includes links to get these games online.

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