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Complete Nancy Drew Games List in Order

Complete Nancy Drew Games List in Order for PC Mac iOS WiiAt last, I have completed my Nancy Drew series lists!
Which includes ALL of the Nancy Drew mystery adventure games.
Listed in order of release date.
From Her Interactive.
Mainly PC and Mac, on disc or for download.
But with a few chapters, also on iPad, iPhone and Wii.
These are the perfect puzzle-solving games for kids and adults alike!

See my posts linked below. For the full series. Read more..

Rusty Lake Game Series List Order for iOS

Rusty Lake Series Listed in Play OrderIf you are looking for challenging puzzle-solving games for adults.
Then you might like the Rusty Lake games series.

Available on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.
As a free full stand-alone escape game series.
Interspersed with premium spin-off chapters.
Including a new release, last month.

For details of the games. listed in play order.
And for more new mystery-solving games. See my posts linked below. Read more..

New Dark Detective Game for PC, Mac, iPhone & iPad

Adam-Wolfe-Review-Episodes-1-to-4A cool new crime-solving game app.
From Mad Head Games.
For PC, Mac, iPhone and iPad.
Featuring supernatural detective, Adam Wolfe.

This is a unique detective game.
Not just the usual hidden objects type game.
But ramped up with action point-and-click gameplay!
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Castle Detective Game & other TV Crime Show Games

Castle Detective Game & other TV Crime Show Games

Castle Detective Game & other TV Crime Show Games

If you are missing the Castle TV show.
After it’s last ever show a few weeks ago!

Then check out this cool detective game.

Based on this popular TV show.

Available for computer – PC and Mac.

And for mobiles – for iPad and iPhone.
And for Android and Kindle!
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Best New Big Fish Mystery Games – Top 3 Game Apps

Best New Big Fish Mystery Games on iOS August 2015

Best New Big Fish Mystery Games – August 2015

A round-up of the best new Big Fish mystery games for mobiles.
With 3 top apps released in the last 7 days.
On iPhone, iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.

With 2 new Big Fish mysteries. Released on iTunes for iPad and iPhone.
And a top new Android mystery game. Newly released on Google Play. And on Amazon’s Appstore for Kindle Fire.

All of these game apps involve a mystery story. With hidden object and puzzle gameplay.
They also all have free demos to download. Game details and appstore links are included in the post.

Have you played any cool mystery games on your mobiles this week? Let us know of your top picks. And leave details in the comments section below.
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Top 10 New iOS Detective Games for iPad & iPhone

Best of 2015 so far!

Top 10 New iOS Detective Games 10Our top 10 new iOS detective games list.
Is our picks of the best mystery game apps out in 2015 so far!
And includes mystery and detective apps.
With hidden object games. Or point-n-click gameplay.
All available from the iTunes Appstore. For iPad & iPhone.

If you are looking for computer games. Don’t forget to check out our previous post. With the top 10 new detective games. To download for PC and Mac.

What have been your favorite mystery iOS games? Let us know and leave us a comment below.
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Top New Crime-Solving Game on iOS – Her Story

A Unique New Detective Game App

Top New Crime-Solving Game for iPad and iPhone - Her StoryTop new iOS detective game. Her Story, is a unique crime-solving game app.
New out for iPad and iPhone.
This has an interesting way to play.
And has a more true to life feel.
When compared to other iOS detective game apps.
Unlike the hidden object. Or point-and-click mystery apps.
This uses real video footage to drive the story.
With video clips of police interviews. The case of a missing husband is revealed. This detective game uses interactive gameplay. Your choices affect how the story is played out to you. This means that how you get to see this story. Will depend on how many clues you find. And the order you find them in!
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